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Ambition School Leadership (formerly the Future Leaders Trust & Teaching Leaders) is a charity based in London, which recruits and develops aspiring school leaders to transform challenging schools, with a mission to raise achievement and attainment levels so that disadvantaged children have equal choices and opportunities in life.



"Ruth's extensive experience at the BBC and across the voluntary sector has been invaluable for us, supporting a number of media and marketing campaigns - both at a strategic and highly practical level."

Ruth has extensive contacts with journalists in broadcasting, agencies, nationals, regional broadcasters and trade press. In two years, she has inspired teams to tell compelling stories, achieving global coverage of 279 million and wide UK coverage from a standing start.

Street Child United organized the ‘Street Child World Cup’ in 2010 and 2014, engaging 300 street children from more than 20 countries in a festival of football and arts. In 2014, Ruth worked with the comms team to get the story out to global news agencies, achieving a worldwide audience of 279 million.


Action Plus Foundation is a small NGO in London which seeks to encourage black Africans living in the UK be tested for HIV. 1.5 people in every 1000 in the UK have HIV – compared to 37 in every 1000 among the black African community. Ruth ran the PR campaign for his initiative to open HIV testing clinics in black led churches. Click here for more.



"Ruth is a professional and very experienced journalist and broadcaster. She gave our organisation national news coverage and a high profile."


The Media Trust connects journalists with charities, enabling them to volunteer or offer paid advice to make communication more effective. Ruth has volunteered, spoken at events, arranged media training courses and delivered courses in media interview training, pitching to journalists, preparing press releases and PR strategy. http://www.mediatrust.org/

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